Due to time commitments keeping me elsewhere, I have been listening to this album for a week without having any time to write about it – so as a result, I have listened to it a lot. And I’m not sick of it in the slightest.

In fact, the other day, I caught myself singing ‘Time To Get A Real Job Mr Wolf” – the third track on the album.

This is exactly up my younger self’s street – the non-pretentious side of me which doesn’t need deep meaningful lyrics full of wit and pathos, and instead just likes to be pummelled by loudness.

And loudness is something this album has in spades. Clearly influenced by the likes of Alexisonfire, Forever Wednesday expertly mix the screaming and heaviness, with strong melodic work – giving listeners and audiences plenty to sing along to.

 ‘Define Irony’ is particularly catchy (as evidence by my shower time mauling of it) and is probably the most Alexis-like that they get, with plenty of the epic group vocals, and the kind of guitar, bass and drums destined to fill mosh-pits.

Track six, “Days of Youth” actually harkens in places to the kind of poppy, fast and fun choruses currently associated with Attack!Attack!(UK) – although Charlie Grout-Smith’s harsher voice gives the song a rougher edge in places. You can certainly see this becoming ‘club popular.’

If there is any criticism to aim at ‘Depths’ is that it often seems that throughout its swift run time, there is a better album trying to break out.

This is probably most apparent on the opening track – ‘Rebirth.’ The intro is a slow-burning affair, the simple guitar line gradually rising in volume, before becoming faster and more complicated. As the music builds you slowly become more and more excited about what is about to come in and then….

Generic choices, and a missed opportunity.

Such moments appear sporadically throughout the album and you sometimes wonder if the band made decisions which they felt fit the genre they were aiming for, rather than the decisions that they wanted to make.

But that’s not to take away from an excellent and very promising debut. It’ll be interesting to see where Forever Wednesday go from here.

(Released 11th April 2011)


Kenneth John Porteous


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