AARON’S AGONY: ‘Lost Inside Myself.’

 With a band name like Aaron’s Agony and a lead singer called ‘Die’ you would be forgiven for thinking you were about to be subjected to 40 minutes of whiny ear bashing. While the band name conjures up thoughts of lyrics full of fretful grumblings of broken hearts and outcast teenage years, ironically the only song which comes close to this is track three ‘Feeling Lovesick is for Assholes’

‘Lost Inside Myself’ is an album that is much better musically than it is lyrically. The lyrics are dark but convoluted, there is a message in there somewhere but its difficult to decipher what that is. There are a lot of gothic references and mentions of judgement and redemption. If these lyrics were written sincerely then this is a band with some real issues. That being said there are plenty of albums that are lacking lyrically but have still done well enough.

The real muscle in this album is in the instrumental. The album floats between medium and fast paced punchy numbers and there is enough variance to keep it interesting. Despite the high tempo it doesn’t feel rushed, the songs are not relentless, there are prolonged bridges and outros which help break up the pace making it more palatable.

None of the songs are exactly anthemic and this is far from radio friendly music. This is however exactly the type of high adrenaline rock music that I thrived on in my younger days (did I just say that?). This album would translate very well in to a live show and would benefit from being ‘felt’ in a dingy venue surrounded by other like-minded souls rather than simply listened to.

Stand out song is track five ‘We Are Back’ which is a strange name for track on a debut album. The guitar hooks can be likened to those of Senses Fail and Story of the Year. It is definitely one of the most accessible songs on the album. It is the simplest track lyrically, the verses are shorter and choruses repeated more. 

‘Lost Inside Myself” ticks all the boxes for a good contemporary hardcore/screamo album. Melodic vocals, abstruse screaming and short punchy guitar hooks. If you enjoy this genre you will enjoy this album. 

(There are no album tracks currently available on Soundcloud, so here’s a static video soundtracking the aforementioned ‘We Are Back.’)

(Released through Ant Street Records on 07 March 2011) 


Gary Moyes


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