FIGHT LIKE APES: ‘Jenny Kelly.’

After a prolific early output and a hectic touring schedule over their first couple of years, it seems to have been a little quiet on the FIGHT LIKE APES front this past twelve months. They will of course tell you that they’ve had their heads down in the studio, writing and recording their second album, ‘The Body Of Christ And The Legs Of Tina Turner.’

Me? I’d say they’ve fallen back into their old ways of watching too much television!

If I remember correctly, the first single released in the UK by FIGHT LIKE APES was ‘Jake Summers’ – a song inspired by a character of the same name in the cult American TV series, ‘California Dreams.’

And what is this new single, lifted from the said new album, about? It’s only a tribute to a character of the same name from the 1990’s low-budget, Australian cult sci-fi series, ‘The Girl From Tomorrow.’

I rest my case.

So what about it then? Well, it’s unmistakably and unashamedly FIGHT LIKE APES, that’s for sure! There is still the trademark zip of the synths and bouncing bass; the drums though sound more ‘punkified’ and even more urgent than previous, and over the top of it all is Maykay’s distinctive, quaintly hoarse vocal delivery.

And yet somehow, shining through all this frenetic thumping, pounding and tinkling  ‘Jenny Kelly’ has a more mature sound to it. It seems to be more ‘controlled’ with Maykay, for the most part, reigning in her vocals, giving her voice a more relaxed feel throughout the verses at least. A little bit, anyway.

This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser when played live. The chorus just begs audience / listener participation, while the pace and beat would get even the foot of the stairs tapping!

(Released digitally through Model Citizen Records on 4th April 2011) 

(9 / 10)


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