RORY GALLAGHER at Greens Playhouse (fore-runner of The Apollo)  in Glasgow was the first gig I ever went to. I managed to see him another five times after that and he’s remained my ultimate guitar hero since then.

Go on – humour me at least and check out this video of Rory playing in his native Ireland way back in 1974. (Eat you heart out Hendrix!) 


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3 Responses to JUST INDULGE ME ….

  1. milo says:

    Rory was an incredible performer. He was the ultimate guitar hero!

  2. Colin McNicoll says:

    Wish i had a tenner for all the people i’ve spoken with, whose first gig was a Rory!
    Yep. Green’s 1973, I was there. All of thirteen years young. Can’t recall which school buddy I was with and I can’ t say I recall much if anything, ’bout the gig, which leaves me feeling very sad indeed. However, seeing that ticket stub made me smile a mile, so thank you for making an old…ish guy, happy.
    Must tell you. I was listening to Planet Rock today and they did a ‘three at three’ which happened to be the Shinkicker. A guy emailed in shortly after and said Green’s ’73 had been his first gig (aye, another one!) and he recalled 3,000 well-oiled Glaswegians being told by Gerry McAvoy, that it was Rory’s 25th birthday, at which point we (apparently, ‘cos I don’t remember) whipped up a Happy Birthday chorus. First time I’ve heard anyone say anything about the gig and another happy highpoint of the day!!
    Glad I found your blog. Now if I can only get a dream goin’ tonight about that gig…



    • loudhorizon says:

      What I remember most is getting shouted at by the fierce bouncers for standing on the seats! I saw Rory several time at Greens / Apollo and THINK the first one he wore the trademark check shirt as I seem to recall feeling a little ‘let down’ on his next visit when he appeared in jeans and denim jacket, which when he took the latter off revealed a white T shirt! How could he?!

      I also remember the place just going absolutely crazy through ‘In Your Town’ and the anticipation of the crowd as Rory teased the crowd with an elogated intro to ‘Going To My Home Town.’

      There won’t be another like him!

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