SHOWSTAR: ‘Monkey See Monkey Do.’

 Forget for a moment the question as to whether he actually sang on the hit or not, but the only pop-star type person I could name that hails from Belgium is Plastic Bertrand. (Oh – there’s also the more current and credible I H8 Camera, and also Creature With The Atom Brain, but now I’m showing off!) No … if we’re talking commercial potential and general acceptability, it’s still just ol’ Plastic.

Until now that is. 

SHOWSTAR are an established Belgian Indie-Pop band. They have produced three albums throughout their ten-year existence, during which they have built a bit of a following in their home country as well as France, having supported the likes of Wild Beasts, The Rakes, The Thrills and Maximo Park. 

I’m not sure if this is their first UK release, or indeed if the forthcoming tour (dates below) is their first visit to these shores, but on the merits of ‘Monkey See Monkey Do,’ I’d like to think we’ll be hearing a bit more of them. 

At marginally over three minutes, melodic and catchy as f**k, this track is so radio-friendly it will a great same if the ‘nationals’ don’t pick up on it. 

Opening with some shrill, picked guitar and galloping drum beats, there is an immediate temptation to make reference to Vampire Weekend – and my resistance is low … it does sound a little that way initially. It has that nice, uncomplicated, clean and ‘empty’ sound to it through the verses. The vocals are clear and strong enough, but also a touch hushed. And then it all changes with the choruses. The song gathers strength; there are some lovely harmonies; the drums and overall beat go all ‘Sixties’ on us, and the general vibe is from the so-called ‘Golden’ age. 

‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ is a light and refreshing song – one that could possibly have benefited better from a summer release, but maybe the weather will have picked up some by the time of its scheduled release towards the end of March. 

SHOWSTAR play the following UK dates in March: 

6th    LEEDS – Northern Monkey

8th    LONDON – Dublin Castle

10th  EDINBURGH – Whistlebinkies

11th  DURHAM, Fish Tank

12th  London, Alley Cat 

(Released through Rainboot on 21st March 2011) 

(8.5 / 10) 



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