Normally, I wouldn’t post stuff like this, but it came to LOUD HORIZON through a reputable source,, and as a stereo-typical Scotsman, it sounds interesting……..’cause it involves freebies!

Brought to you by the eARmusic team (Cage The Elephant, Jessie J, Mumford & Sons, hundreds of others), Next Biggest Thing is a brand new FREE record club, where once a month fans get sent a free single and free entry to a London show.  It’ll all be curated with impeccable taste, as evidenced by their first release by the awesome Why Why Peaches (04/04/11), who are themselves building a massive buzz.

(LOUD HORIZON obviously can’t recommend or comment on this site, but here’s the Press Release and contact sites so that you can make up your own mind.) 

eARmusic’s NEXT BIGGEST THING email music club launch!  

Offering FREE music and FREE gigs to real new music fans on a monthly basis, with no strings attached to fan or musician… 


Through NEXT BIGGEST THING!, eARmusic are inviting music-lovers and industry types to discover and experience their pick of some of the year’s most exciting, emerging artists by giving away a downloadable track and free entry to a showcase gig in London – exclusively to NEXT BIGGEST THING! members and all for FREE! This email based mini-blog come tip sheet aims to rip apart the traditional notion of breaking new artists – and put the focus on the importance of free open access and internet awareness for brand new and emerging acts. 

Who are eARmusic? ELLIE GOULDING, THE GUILLEMOTS, NEWTON FAULKNER, ELIZA DOOLITTLE, JESSIE J, MUMFORD & SONS and CAGE THE ELEPHANT are just a few of the acts to have been profiled and showcased at eARmusic venues over the years, from candle lit, Chesterfield-strewn Camden lofts to dark, dank Kings Cross basements. Last year they also released debut 7” releases by YouTube phenomena and recent Moshi Moshi signings Lulu And The Lampshades, Steve Lamacq lauded Boy Mandeville and 6Music sessionees Victoria & Jacob, which was the seed idea for the NEXT BIGGEST THING! Finding the music that will connect with new music fans and playing a part in bringing great new artists to them – whether the industry has caught on or not! 

With an Indie ethos and approach to the music industry and its fans, NEXT BIGGEST THING! will delve into the world of new music, to profile pop with a twist; a bit of attitude, substance and identity, not bound by genre or mainstream radio chasing desperation, and with no short sighted financial goal. The only requirement being a music fan’s email address with the offer of a free monthly track and free entry to a showcase gig. 

The artists aren’t bound by any contractual commitments beyond their monthly profile, there are also plans for a yearly compilation. The Fans can opt in or out at any time at  or  – easy peasy…now onto the acts… 

NEXT BIGGEST THING’s debut profiles… 

WHY WHY PEACHES – mailout 4th April 2011 

A band fusing crunchy fat beats, dirty guitars, and hands in the air anthemic melodies to thrilling effect. Lead singer Michelle Breeze appears in Kano’s recent single ‘Upside’ and the bands’ live shows should see them go onto bigger things in 2011.  

FRANCOBOLLO – mailout 2nd May 2011 

Three Swedes and a bloke from Wimbledon splicing together grunge, dirty electro drums, Scandinavian indie pop and little bit of something you’ve never heard before. Like Pavement jamming in Nirvana’s garage with Daft Punk doing the sound when they’re LOUD, and weaving in a psych tinged CSYN via Dylan-esque subtle frailty when the volume’s down. 



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