KAKUZI: ‘Words And Wars’ EP

Kakuzi are totally new to me, after listening to ‘Words and Wars’ and their back catalogue on Spotify it’s hard to believe this band have gone four years and are still relatively unknown in most music circles. They effortlessly transcend genres with a sound that is quite unique and prove that contrary to the popular saying it is possible to be a master of all trades. 

‘Words and Wars’ has an epically delicate intro that wouldn’t feel out of place in a big budget movie. The song saunters through at a cool, leisurely pace, breaking down to a tip toe through the chorus. The vocals have a hypnotic undertone and mix with the instrumental neatly. The whole ensemble is refreshing and very easy on the ears. 

Second track up is ‘No Excuses‘, a song that starts off with a dainty vocal accompanying a plucky acoustic guitar. Then out of left field a blitz of rapping bursts in, trading blows with the more conventional indie style vocals for the remainder of the track intertwined with quirky samples of a squealing dial up modem. Despite the above being a reasonable accurate description of the track I imagine a few readers might be at a total loss to place this track. The truth is I can’t think of any tracks which I can use to draw comparisons which perhaps says more about the diversity of my back catalogue. 

Kakuzi show their diversity with the ‘Word and Wars – Son of a Glitch’ remix which is more of an electro number. Loaded with punchy baseline scratchings which I challenge anyone to say doesn’t remind them of Mr Oizo’s Levi’s endorsed Flat beat. The remix does altogether have a very retro feel, the intro sounds like it is sampled straight from Sega’s early 90’s beat ‘em up, Streets of Rage. 

Kakuzi are a band that won’t restrict themselves to plundering a single genre and on the evidence of this EP and other releases to date they can ply their trade flawlessly in whichever direction they choose. 

(Released through The Animal Farm on 07 March 2011) 


Gary Moyes


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2 Responses to KAKUZI: ‘Words And Wars’ EP

  1. Download the remix from here: http://www.goddamnsonofaglitch.com
    Cheers! 😀

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