‘The listed Building’ EP is the debut effort from London three piece ‘Something beginning with L’. Unfortunately the only ‘L’s’ that encapsulate the character of this EP are lacklustre and lethargic. The songs are a tad monotonous and lacking in substance. It feels like the band have played it too safe with this EP, it’s a no risk approach that has resulted in a rather bland final product. 

Whilst it is all too easy to dwell on the negatives there are some positives that can be taken from ‘The listed Building‘. There are quaint melodies and tranquil vocals in parts, the songs are delicate and dainty but very restrictive. There is no progression in any of the tracks, they all start well enough but then continue to play out without any real change in tempo and there is no sense of chorus.

 Opening track ‘Angel Sized’ is a prime example of this. The intro is good, but it continues for the entirety of the track . There is no noticeable transition through verses and choruses. When the song finishes in a rather light 2.04 minutes with effectively the intro still playing you feel this song had no more to offer. 

Tracks two, three and most of four pass by without making much of an impression. The most interesting part of fourth track ‘Unwittingly Beautiful’ is the guitar outro which isn’t even original as it is effectively cut from John Murphy’s – in a house in a heartbeat (28 days later soundtrack.) 

I can’t see this EP gaining ‘Something Beginning With L’ many new fans. There may be something in there for their existing fan base but their next release will need to be a bit more inventive and original if they want to appeal to a wider audience. 

(Released through Armellodie Records on 11 April 2011) 


Gary Moyes


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