The notes that came with “Fin, Fin, Fin”, the debut single from Grimsby’s From A City In Ruins, state that the band are best suited for fans of Refused, Mars Volta and Bloc Party. It is the latter of these that perhaps provides the most apt comparison as neither of the songs featured on this single would sound out of place on that group’s classic debut album Silent Alarm. 

I make this comparison not only because lead singer Adam Lond sounds like Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke – although he does, he really does – but because the tracks are that good. 

Their music is layered and intelligent, working on different levels throughout and giving you plenty new to notice on each listen. There is a heaviness and drive to the songs which contrasts the vocals – almost leaning away from them and making them do something different. This creates a contrast with, and makes them standout from, bands such as Tigercats and Nevada Base whose instrumentisation and vocals lean into one another and fail to do anything remarkable as a consequence. 

The songs are laden with hooks and memorable moments. The music really sticks with you even after the tracks conclude, and I found my head nodding along in time more than once or twice.

 The list of bands they have toured with – the likes of We Are The Ocean, Flood of Red, Exit Ten and Deaf Havana are named in the press sheets – seems a little strange based on the evidence of this single. They sound almost too arty for fans of those bands to embrace them (with the possible exception of the Exit Ten crowd) so I’m interested to hear what else they have in their arsenal for a live show which would make them fit with these other artists to a man, united.

(Released on 4th April 2011) 


Kenneth John Porteous


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