There is something very back-to-basics about The Procession. They just sound like four guys playing instruments and making music without trying to do anything beyond that. Without sounding remotely like them, there is a bit of Foo Fighters to this band. 

Judging by the sparseness of the press notes, the PR people are clearly happy to let the band and the music do the talking and this is a good decision as this is a strong collection. There is a confidence to it that belays the fact that this is a debut EP –  they sound like they have been doing it for years.

Opening track “Sometimes” is the strongest on offer here. Starting with an enticing intro, the dual guitars then kick in one-at-a-time, giving the song an intriguing heft – matched throughout by the rest of the instrumentation and the vocals. I have no doubt that on a full length album this would be a stand-out track.

While, like Nevada Base, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, unlike them, it’s well enough executed that you don’t particularly care and just enjoy it, without feeling the need to nitpick.

Track two “Johnny Got A Raw Deal” is an old school party song. It’s got a great bounce to it and it tells a fun story, with a highly interactive chorus. It’s a great example of a band just cutting-loose and having fun. You can hear them smiling as they play it.

“A_S_L” has a great bass line and the hefty guitars from “Sometimes” return. Another really sing-able chorus and another hint that they could become live favourites. 

Final track “Life & Strife” slows things down a bit and shows that the band can do ballad-y type tracks as well. 

The most exciting thing about this EP is that The Procession show a range that isn’t always obvious from debut efforts. Their forthcoming debut album will definitely be worth looking out for. 

(Released through Circular Records on April 11th 2011)


Kenneth John Porteous

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