TIGERCATS: ‘Banned At The Troxy.’

It could just be that my attention span is monged from trying to do too many of these reviews in the one sitting, but the only thing I could think of while listening to the tracks on Tigercats‘ new single was: “I wonder if the Jonny they are talking about is the same one from The Procession’s EP” (he isn’t, the names are spelled differently). 

This is just generally unremarkable. It shares the same jangly guitars and the same “all-too-English” vocals. In fact, I would imagine I could pull a paragraph out of pretty much any of the indie band reviews I have done for the site thus far and bang it in here without anyone noticing I was talking about a different band. Even if they had previously heard the song. 

So I guess then the question becomes: is this a good version of what it is? 

And yes, I suppose it is. It’s dancey and you can imagine it getting a bit of play. They mention themselves in the song, which all though giving the song a perhaps unfortunate link to hip-hop (and I like hip-hop), does give it something a bit different from what everyone else does – and I suppose at the very least means the listener will be able to tell who they are hearing.

This is not a bad single. Not by any stretch. It’s just completely unmemorable. I mean, I just listened to it for about the fifth time two minutes ago and I am really struggling to write anything here. 

The B-sides, of which there are two, are called “Skydiving” and “I’m in love with you, Jonny” and they basically tread the same ground as “Troxy”. “Jonny” does stand-out a little by virtue of it featuring a female vocalist – new band member Laura Kovic – but it does kind of strike as a bit of Regina Spektor rip-off.

You won’t mind it if you hear it in passing, but I doubt you’ll be driven to seek out the artist. 

(Released through WeePop! on 9th May 2011)


Kenneth John Porteous


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