LIZZYSPIT: ‘I’m Alive You Know’ EP

You’ll perhaps have noticed that this EP has been ‘filed’ under the ‘Pop / Other’ category. This is because as I’ve frequently stated, I don’t ‘do’ the ‘F’ word. But despite LIZZYSPIT herself describing her music as ‘Nu-Folk’ I’ve got to say that I really, really do like this! 

LIZZYSPIT first came to LOUD HORIZON’S attention when she released the ‘Eggbox’ album. This must have been the best part of two years ago and was so named because it was recorded in her bedroom, which was soundproofed with loads of egg boxes. Like now, I found myself somewhat mesmerised by her soulful, sometimes haunting, sometimes country-tinged but always enchanting vocals. 

In a way this kind of stripped-back performance comes across better as a ‘live’ performance than do some big Rock bands playing in a huge stadium, because you can actually feel the intimacy of the surroundings and atmosphere. Although, in saying that, I’m pretty sure a few tracks on the seven-song EP were not actually played in front of a live audience. Certainly it would seem that the new single and opening track ‘ ‘Talk You Down’ together with the tracks that I can remember featuring on the ‘Eggbox’ recording don’t sound that way. 

But that’s being a bit pedantic.

There was no press sheet blurb accompanying this CD, so I’m kinda winging it here – but if I remember correctly from previously, Lizzyspit has a ‘classically trained’ voice. Certainly, it is crystal clear, varying from shrill to mellow, and running up and down everywhere in between.

New single, ‘Talk You Down’ is a little mournful, but here are some lovely harmonies and light acoustic guitar playing. ‘Sequel’ starts quietly but picks up pace and volume through the choruses and in the back end of the song. 

‘Stars In The Water’ is probably my favourite – because it is hauntingly quirky! It may come across as a little boring to the ‘uneducated’ (like me) in this type of music, but close your eyes and listen again. Actually ‘listen’ to the lyrics and you too will see the light!

‘Only A Matter Of Time’ has a slight Country feel to it I think, while ‘Little Dan’ is another that appeared on the ‘Eggbox’ album. It’s a bit more upbeat in nature and incorporates some whistled backing, which instead of really getting on my tits, as I would have expected, actually works very well.

‘I Worry, I Wait,’ carries with it a tapped beat and a bouncy chorus and final track ‘Trip,’ sounds a little emotional, but yet still chugs along with determined riff.

I obviously don’t have many reference points to offer you by way of comparison, but here’s a couple of names I’ve heard of: Adele; Laura Marling…..and there’s loads more I’m sure you could name. 

Lizzyspit deserves the same success.  

(Though obviously she ain’t gonna displace Five Knuckle or Leftover Crack on my I-pod playlist!) 

Look – you can tell I’m a bit out my depth trying to describe this type of music. It’s good, right?! Surely that’s all you need to know. If it can make a crusty old punk like me sit down, actually listen and then still retain the infectious harmonies in my head some hours later, then it must have something going for it.  

Here’s a wee selection for you to make up your own mind:

(Released through Spit Records and available through I-Tunes from 4th April 2011)

(8 / 10)



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