I’m not going to say very much on this one as more than likely you’ll have heard it on the radio many, many times over the past couple of weeks at least. (And if you haven’t, then the video for the track is shown below – just so you can hear for yourself just how its rocks big-time!)

‘Sixteen’ is lifted from the Welsh quintet’s fifth studio album, ‘Welcome Home Armageddon,’ which was released on the 14th March. It’s a pretty ‘instant’ song with a conventional enough structure and a shout-a-long, anthemic chorus that will attract new fans to the fold. It really sticks to the band’s winning formula and embraces the heady mix of raw heaviness and pure melody that helped establish the band at the outset. 

I have no idea how Funeral For A Friend have fared in America, but with songs like this in their armoury, I would be most surprised if they don’t / haven’t made a huge impact. 

(Released through Distiller Records on 28th March 2011) 



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