XISFOREYES: ‘ Insidious Existentialism’

X is For Eyes dish up a menacing and sinister new EP in ‘Insidious Existentialism‘. In true deathcore style it is full of thumping drums and coarse shouting but it has the technical muscle to back it up. 

Deathcore is a very close-knit subgenre, it doesn’t get much exposure in the usual mainstream mediums. This EP won’t do much to buck that trend. It’s very much in your face and demanding, it’s shouty yes, but it’s not growly. It isn’t instantly accessible which may be enough to put some people off, but look beyond the genre name and the intensity and there is plenty of instrumental ingenuity to appreciate. 

Opening track ’The Sermon’ is probably the best on offer. The intro is spooky and could be likened to the score of an 80’s horror B-movie, it feels like a  forewarning of the impending onslaught. The vocals are raspy and inaudible. The double pedal base drum is the constant throughout while the distorted guitar offers the variance. 

The remaining 4 tracks don’t offer much in the way of diversity but there’s enough going on to keep it interesting. 

‘Insidious Existentialism’ is not an album that your likely to put on as relaxing background music, far from it. It’s powerful and passionate, if you want to dispel some aggression or annoy your neighbours then you can’t go far wrong with this EP. 

(Released through all good outlets on 25 April 2011) 


Gary Moyes


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