HOUDINI: ‘Deadlines’ EP

 While listening to this EP it’s hard to avoid making comparisons to the Artic Monkeys. I will make my apologies to the band who are probably sick to the back teeth of hearing about their similarities, but for the benefit of anyone who has not heard of Houdini before, they sound a lot like the Artic Monkeys! 

The guitar/drums interplay is raw and unclean and to coin another comparison it’s not too dissimilar to that of The Hives or early Strokes. ’Deadlines’ doesn’t quite match their pace or reach their anthemia heights however. The melodies are bouncy with short and punchy vocals. It is probably fair to say there is not a huge amount going on technically but it does have an Indie feel-good factor. 

Title track ‘Deadlines’ is no doubt the most commercial on the EP. It isn’t hugely complex and I’d be surprised if the drummer even managed to break sweat. The chorus has a crowd participating ’woah woooaaaah’ with repetition of ‘deadlines, meet the deadlines’ which is something I can relate to at least.

My favourite track is ‘Sleepdriving’ probably because there is a bit more going on. The tempo is up and down continually and the main guitar hook is quite catchy. I do feel it lacks a bit vocally especially through the chorus. 

‘Deadlines’ doesn’t bring anything hugely original to the table. It is on the cusp of being popular radio music but is missing the key factor, which is a memorable chorus. A decent listen all the same.

(Released through Haircut Records on 28 March 2011)


Gary Moyes


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