RED TRACK: ‘The Trier.’

I suppose I should break my recent pattern and be nice about Redtrack since Artrocker described them last year as their “new favourite band”! 

It’s easy to see why they have released this one as a triple A given that none of the three songs really stands out from the others – they are all uniformly good. In fact, final track “Anything” is very good and I suspect it is included here as it is so different from the other two tracks that the band would have been unable to release it as a single on its own. 

The particular strength of the song is its lyrics – the words sound like something 70s era Bernie Taupin would put down on paper for a gentleman called Reg Dwight – and delivered by Redtrack vocalist Billy Wright they actually contribute to quite an effecting wee tune. 

“The Trier” and “Catch Me Out” are pretty good too – the CD actually contains a remix of the former and I would be interested to hear what it originally sounded like. This guise of the tune is quite atmospheric and dancey – but perhaps in that slightly self-consciously “oh crap, lets make this atmospheric and dancey” kind of way.

“Catch Me Out” is more upbeat and it’s genuinely exciting when the chorus kicks in. 

A decent effort.

Oh, and I tried, but I can’t let them off the hook for it: they guest-starred on Hollyoaks. 

(Released through Fandango and OUT NOW!!!) 


Kenneth John Porteous


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