THE BLACK ANGELS: Limited Edition ‘Record Store Day’ release!

I don’t really know why I’m mentioning this….. the more people who know, the less chance there is of me picking up a copy!

But I suppose I better, lest LOUD HORIZON is accused of abusing their position (whatever that may be!)

Ah well – here goes:

Texan psych rockers THE BLACK ANGELS are set to release a limited edition 10”vinyl B-Sides collection titled ‘PHOSGENE NIGHTMARE’ on Blue Horizon Records in support of Record Store Day. Only 5000 copies of the record will be available on Saturday April 16th throughout Europe and North America on collectable white vinyl that also comes packed with an MP3 download card featuring all 6 tracks.
Explaining the release, guitarist Christian Bland says – “’Phosgene Nightmare’ is 6 more dreams recorded during the ‘Phosphene Dream’ sessions. The 6 dreams were specifically saved as an epilogue to the full length album and help to complete the story that was presented thru the full length album. The 6 ‘nightmares’ explore the poisonous side of life, if we lose focus on the light that exists in the darkness.”
The track listing to ‘Phosgene Nightmare’ is as follows:
Side A:
Melanie’s Melody
The Boat Song
Side B:
At Night
Choose To Choose
Entrance Song (Rain Dance version)

(Click here for details of Record Store Day, including participating stores.)

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