Well …. I’m always saying that LOUD HORIZON is on the lookout for new, fresh and exciting music. Add the word ‘innovative,’ to that list of criteria and you have it all here – in bucket-loads! 

If I’m honest, on first listen I was thinking, “What the hell is this?!” Subsequent plays however, simply confirm that it’s simply pure class. 

Sharing their name with one of the most notorious street gangs to ever come out if The Bronx, New York, these four teenagers from that there London town are going to inflict a more pleasurable type of initiation ceremony as they introduce potential followers to their music. 

It’s not like you can easily pigeonhole ‘The Magic Eye,’ and that’s part of the fascination. It doesn’t really conform to the accepted pop-culture standards and with a chorus that sounds like a US Marine unit going through their cross-country drill, it certainly begs to be different. 

I could try and bang on, describing their music in my own kack-handed way, but better by far would be to:

a)      mention that Mick Jones (The Clash) and punk DJ and film-maker Don Letts are already confirmed fans and offered support to the development of The Savage Nomads;

b)      let you decide for yourself by listening to he track below. (Remember – if you’re not sure on first listen, play it again!) 

(Released through Alaska Sounds on 16th May 2011) 

(8.5 / 10) 



About Cee Tee Jackson

I run three blogs: 1) (my author blog.) 2) (my business / dog walking blog) 3) (my music blog .. infrequent posts) Guess what? I'm a dog walking, wannabee author that loves music.
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5 Responses to THE SAVAGE NOMADS: ‘The Magic Eye.’

  1. Helen says:

    What an awful song…three listens in..there are no hallmarks of a good song…shit lyrics, shit vocal, repetitive music…8.5 is a joke, more like 4.

    • Tyler says:

      Tune is a banger, suceeds anything going on in the current uk music scene, shame more people dont appreciate decent music…

    • Henry Rawthorne says:

      Tremendous tune! The breakdown in the middle is superb and it gets better with every listen. Look forward to the album…

  2. Zatoichi says:

    Really great song cant wait for the album. The other tracks on the myspace are great and show that these guys are one diverse outfit. Check out an empty seat and a statement big tuuuuuunes. Im afraid the first commentator doesn’t know what she is talking about. Some people just don’t appreciate good music.

  3. Mike McNutt says:

    Take it you did not like it then Helen? It will get you!

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