LIMOZINE: ‘Deep Fried Love.’

This is stupid.


Gloriously, fantastically, brilliantly, and quite deliberately, stupid.


‘Deep Fried Love’ is a slice of classic rock with a punky-edge and immediately conjures up images of grimy clubs full of scantily clad groupies and guys in leather jackets. It makes you want to inject Jack Daniels and call your girl a whore. But in a nice way.


Their first two albums, ‘Car Crash Casino’ and ‘Evil Love’ have received rave reviews and it’s no surprise. Limozine mix accomplished musicianship with a real sense of fun – these guys are enjoying themselves, but they’re not taking it too seriously.


Take for example the opening lyric to ‘Deep Fried Love’ – “I got a rash that won’t stop itchin’/I got a drip that won’t stop drippin’/I got me sores I can’t stop pickin’/You can look but just no kissin’.”


Juvenile to the point of ridiculousness but, if you’ll pardon the pun, totally infectious.


(Released through Beat Atlas Records on 9th May 2011)



Kenneth John Porteous


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