MIND MUSEUM: ‘Rat Race.’

With the internet becoming the prominent way to source new music for people one thing that has become particularly noticeable is the sheer number of bands out there who sound exactly the same. This is obviously nothing new, bands have been emulating those others that they grew up listening to or idolise since Beethoven invented music in 1902 – but for perhaps the first time, thanks to Facebook, Bandcamp and the like, and due to bands self-releasing a lot of the time, music fans are beginning to hear everything. Regardless of its merit. 

Now, my personal viewpoint on this is that I don’t particularly care if a band sounds like another band, if I like the songs I’ll listen to them. For example, I’m under no illusion that Welsh rockers Attack!Attack! are a great band. But their songs are short, punchy and catchy and they put on a hell of a live set and so it’s hard for me not to enjoy their stuff. 

The problem with Mind Museum is that they are another band of this same ilk and, as yet, the songs just aren’t there for them. This is likely in no small part to the fact that they only formed in August last year – members of defunct acts I Am The Door and Full Scream Ahead joining together to form this new band. 

Seven months is not a long time to find a sound that works, or establish a song-writing connection that will produce greatness – and this shows in their debut EP “Rat Race”. 

That’s not to say there isn’t potential here. ‘Everything Eventually’ is a pretty good attempt. The layered instrumentisation actually belays the fact that it is a only a 3 man line-up. The song is summery enough too that it is perfect for blasting in the summer months. 

Mind Museum have clearly benefited from playing in other bands previously too. They don’t sound like a band that only started up a little over half a year ago – and I would imagine that live they stand-up pretty well.

They just need to find those songs. 

(Released on 23rd May 2011) 


Kenneth John Porteous


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