Bolton four-piece rock band DRAMA celebrate their return following a twelve month hiatus devoted to writing new material, with a free download of new single ‘ISO.’ And if this typifies the fruits of their labours this past year, then they could be in for an exciting 2011. 

‘ISO’ has already been picked up by Classic Rock magazine who incorporated the song on their cover-mount CD for the May issue (#157) and as you can see from the video below, it is worthy of such accolade. 

It may not exactly offer anything startlingly new, but it’s certainly a true, ballsy rock track. Redolent in places of early Gun (especially in the chorus, harmonies and drums) it chugs along on strong guitar riffs and understated solos, solidly underpinned by pounding drums and thumping bass lines. The vocals are ever so slightly rasping and melodic and altogether it’s one of those anthemic songs that will get right inside your head and have you metaphorically punching the air all day long. 

I understand there will be an EP to follow as the summer months approach, with ‘Renee’ and ‘Pretty Much,’ featured. The first of these two is a bit of an exciting diversion. Very different from the basic rock of ‘ISO,’ it pretty much reflects the band’s name. It comes across as something between a stage production and a Freddie Mercury / Queen track, what with the dramatic little piano arpeggios in between the resounding guitars.

Full marks for trying something different – if this is a one-off track, then that’s quite brilliant. It shows a band willing to push the boundaries, but still operate within the accepted basic genre specifics. 

‘Pretty Much,’ is my least favourite of the three tracks I’ve heard. Again, it still rocks, but this time with more ‘modern’ influences. The vocals are distorted in an electro fashion at various points and if I may be completely stereotypical in my views, it sounds more like something an American melodic rock band, aiming at the teen market would come up with. It’s OK, don’t get me wrong, but not as strong or different as either of the other two tracks mentioned. 

Overall, though, DRAMA could be ones to watch out for this year. I don’t think you’ll have heard the last of them! 

(‘ISO’ is available now as a free download from the band’s official LAST.FM page, here.) 




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11 Responses to DRAMA: ‘ISO.’

  1. Joey says:

    Drama are a FANTASTIC band! Anybody who likes what they see and hear in the ISO video should go and see the talents of Mr Gordon and Co live – you will not be disappointed. I still can’t believe these guys aren’t signed!

    • this band are the future,ian gordon is one of the most talented songwriters about and the band around him are first class, if they think renee is brilliant,they have 3 albums worth of stuff to rival and better renee,the live performances are really coming on now,the music is very complexed and is hard work to perform too,mark my word this band are going to be big, WHY because they are so different and unique to whats out there and gordon portrays it so beautiful,spread the word

  2. Gary Gordon says:


  3. Jon says:

    ISO is a monster of a track, as is Renee. French maid with homicidal tendancies? Every man’s fantasy!!!

  4. mandy says:

    ooh not quite what i hoped from the hype – bit box standard rock. I agree with reference to gun, but feel they have the sound of a poor mans muse combined with not quite right panic at the disco.

  5. Jordan Conrad says:

    “There’s a lot more to Drama”

    My mates have seen them playing local pubs around Bolton and suggested I listen and whilst live they might be on the upper scale of pub bands I’ve only heard the online catalogue.

    It strikes me that the songwriter doesn’t really like the ladies outside of two overused cliches – ‘virgin turned whore’ or ‘whore turned psychopath’.

    Far be it from me to psychoanalyse the poor chaps but songs structured around chauvinism, sexual inadequacy and hackneyed rock riffs may have worked in the 70’s but aren’t going to open many doors this century.

    I know from their online presence they’ve had a revamp this year, the fundamental song writing skills are there but might I suggest it’s back to the drawing board for subject matter boys.

    • Jon says:

      Jordan, fair point with regards to *some* of the subject matter. But it would seem to me after listening to the 30+ tracks on Last.fm that only a small percentage of the songs revolve around ‘whores’ or sexual subjects in general. If anything, the sheer variety of material on Last.fm demonstrates a band unbounded. We will have to see what the future brings for these lads.

    • mandy says:

      You’re absolutely right on your point about the 70’s Jordan – your post really made me laugh
      Misogyny should have stayed back then. a spandex mentality isn’t attractive

    • drama havn’t even got going yet,new material they have is unreal,just remember one thing this is being done on a shoestring budget,if they had the clout behind them who knows where they might be in a couple of years,one thing is for sure these are very talented musicians’ian gordon knows himself there is a lot of hard work going to be focused on the live material,catch them at the railway bromley cross later this year,your going to see a very polished drama

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