TROGONS: ‘Contina.’


Just had word in about this one, and we’re only too happy to oblige – especially as members of KASMS are involved. This is the first release from the fledgling X-Ray Recordings label (we’ll be featuring them on our new page shortly) so altogether it’s a little bit special!

Here’s the background:

Formed from the burnt remains and still-kicking bodies of various London groups, TROGONS have picked up a lysergically-stained and goth-whittled spear with which to stalk their deepest fears and dreams. Gemma Fleet of Kasms takes the vocal helm, steering a life-raft of fuzzed-up psyche guitar whirls yanked from the boards of the original nuggets artifacts, a keyboard drone that cloaks the craft in mystery and a locked-in rhythm section. The missing link between reverb-washed Siouxsie And The Banshees’ night-creepings and the dizzy psychedelia of Californian travelers, like West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band or the Third Bardo.
Their new single ‘Contina’ will be available on limited edition hand numbered transparent flexidisc through X-Ray Recordings on April 25th 2011. The flexi includes second track ‘Protest Song No. 678’’, with the iTunes bundle giving an additional third track ‘Where’s My Sword’. All tracks were recorded and mixed by fellow Kasms member and one time Test Icicle Rory Brattwell at his studio in East London.
(Trogons are Gemma Fleet (vocals, bass), Andrew Robert Doig (guitar), Phillip Edward Johnson (organ) and Dean Hinks (drums).)

Here’s the video:

(*** Photo by Owen Richards ***)





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