LOCAL GIRLS: ‘The Wedding Jitters’ EP

There is something very English about Local Girls. The spoken vocal delivery just screams Engurland, there’s a knowing tea-party hilarity to the song title “Kitty (Is A Bad Kitty)”, and to top it all off, the press release references the upcoming royal wedding (although it rather oddly refers to William and Karen). 

That being said, despite this being a Glasgow-based blog I’m not going to slate it purely based on this. While not being completely enamoured with their sound personally, I can see why people could get into – there is a certain griminess to what’s going on that’s easy to appreciate (and their description of themselves as ‘posh girl vocals back by three potential rapists’ certainly appeals to my disgusting sense of humour). 

Musically the use of distortion and disjointed riffs gives the band an interesting sound. It’s road well travelled, but if you were to hear Local Girls on the radio, regardless of whether or not you liked them – you would remember who they were. 

The major issue is the seeming need to be witty and entertaining lyrically and vocally. More often than not the band fall short and this just shoots you out of the song – this is particularly obvious on track four: “Girlfriends/Pornstars” – a song which “cleverly” compares peoples girlfriends to pornstars. Lead singer Ginger Bitter’s refrain of “show us you want it dear” succeeds only in being cringey. You wonder what would happen if she actually tried singing for a bit. 

I can’t help but get the impression from these four tracks that Local Girls want to be trendsetters. Maybe I’m wrong, but being edgy and cool seems to matter to them. Thing is though –  that only works if it doesn’t seem like that’s what you’re aiming for. 

Undoubtedly, they’d be much better served just being a band – because musically they are certainly doing something right. 

(Released through Sour Puss Records on 18th April 2011) 


Kenneth John Porteous


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1 Response to LOCAL GIRLS: ‘The Wedding Jitters’ EP

  1. mandy says:

    reminds me of the posh ish punk ish girl bands of the 1980’s,lena lovich or the kind of trust funded art school band who would have wandered onto the stiff label. Completely agree with your comment about trying too had to be edgy
    saying that, i really quite like them – contrived rebellion not withstanding, there is a catchy edge to what they are doing.

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