PS I LOVE YOU: ‘Meet Me At The Munster Station.’

You know, sometimes – just sometimes – doing this ‘reviewing’ carry-on can be a bit of a bummer. 

I’ve delayed, put off, procrastinated so much with this album that I’m almost a little ashamed. But I did so with good reason: I played this album while in a good mood; I played it whilst knackered; whilst excited; I played it on sunny days (not many admittedly, here in the Glasgow area) and I also played it on the more regular damp, dank grey days when the cat had even crapped on the carpet. 

I tried everything. I REALLY wanted to like this album more than I do. I feel I SHOULD like this album more than I do. But I don’t / can’t. 

I think maybe I’m just a little tired of the guitar / drum duo band format. Initially, way back, I found the minimalist sound fascinating and admired the noise that could be created by two people and a bunch of effects pedals. But I think it’s been done to death now. 

That’s not to say this album doesn’t have its highlights. There are several – the title alone, for one. And the title track itself is particularly outstanding, sounding better on the album than the video below. 

I’d also say ‘CBEZ’ is worthy of mention. It’s pretty frantic as vocalist Paul Saulnier yelps his way through a raucous song with a catchy as hell chorus and searing guitar. ‘2012’ also has a memorable guitar hook and rolling gait and is one that will stick with you throughout the day. Guaranteed. 

‘Facelove,’ is probably the most commercially acceptable of the ten tracks and since I’ve not been as positive as I’d like to have been, I’m happy to post another video for this album so that perhaps you can decide for yourself. 

Overall, ‘Meet Me At The Munster Station’ is not a bad album just because I can’t get too excited about it. It’s just that I think I’ve heard it all before. 


(Released through Paper Bag Records on April 26th 2011) 


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