ATHLETES IN PARIS: ‘Borrowed Time.’

Athletes in Paris emerge from the north east of England with plenty of gusto, armed with debut single ‘Borrowed Time’ aiming to elevate themselves in to the mainstream. The track is bouncy with a fresh and youthful feel. The main riff has a distinctively Latin vibe, the drum beat is basic and accompanied throughout with clapping. The lyrics refer to the final days of a stagnant relationship somewhat contradicting the mood of the instrumental. There is plenty repetition throughout making it accessible and memorable. Had this track been written by an established act there’s no doubt it would be getting plenty of airplay. 

The track is accompanied by two B-sides, ‘Heartbeats’ and ‘Just Decline‘. ‘Heartbeats’ shares a lot of the characteristics of ‘Borrowed Time’ but plays at a slightly faster tempo. Personally I prefer it to the Title track and it is good enough to be a single on its own merits. 

Hugely impressive debut material from Athletes in Paris. Contemporary pop rock for the masses and if they keep making music of this quality it might just reach them. 

(Released through The Animal Farm on 18 April 2011)


Gary Moyes 


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