Lower Than Atlantis return with their second album ‘World Record’. Loaded with catchy guitar hooks and clean vocals, the tracks are a mix of medium and fast paced numbers. The lyrics are delivered in short bursts making them easy to digest, easy to memorise and provide plenty sing-a-long opportunities. Primarily this is a post hardcore album with a subtle hint of pop punk effervescence woven through giving it a more upbeat feel. 

The first single set to be released is ‘Deadliest Catch‘. A bouncy track with distinctively nautical theme. Have you ever stopped to think how much your relationship resembles deep sea fishing? No? Well your about to get a lesson in how it does. Through plenty of sole searching Mike Duce reflects on a floundering and ultimately unsuccessful relationship. ‘We rocked the boat when we skull and cross boned’ is a personal lyrical highlight and who doesn’t enjoy a groan inducing risqué pun? 

Another Sad Song’ unsurprisingly is the ballad, the only one on offer. Personally I enjoy a ballad and I think it makes a good addition offering some variance among the more pacey numbers. The song structure is pretty standard: electro acoustic intro with drums kick in about a third of the way through, slowing down just past the midpoint for some clapping followed by a powerful finish. Not the most original arrangement with is even acknowledged within the song with the line ‘now here’s another sad song by a sad boy’ but it’s a winning formula. 

Stand out track is ‘Beech Like The Tree’. It is quite short at only two minutes and 19 seconds it gets the business done without outstaying its welcome. It’s the culmination of all that’s great about Lower Than Atlantis. The main rift is spot on and the bridging between verses and chorus help build and diffuse the intensity. It is the most accessible track on the album and don’t be too surprised to be hearing this among the more mainstream tracks in your local rock clubs. 

Some may scorn that ‘World Record’ lacks originality and yes they are not reinventing the wheel  but it is an album full of passion and integrity that can sit proudly among its contemporaries. Lower Than Atlantis are a band very much on the up, don’t be the last one on this bandwagon. 

Lower Than Atlantis will be supporting their new album with a UK tour in April alongside We Are The Ocean and they will be appearing at Download Festival in the summer so you will have ample opportunity to check them out first hand.  

(Released through Wolf At Your Door Records on 25 April 2011)


 Gary Moyes


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