borderline syndrome: ‘borderline syndrome.’

 borderline syndrome (no capital letters!) are a five-piece Alternative band from Athens, Greece.  The Press sheet states that they take influence from the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan, Tool, Radiohead and even Bjork. 

I can’t say that I’m much of a fan of any of these bands, but this three track EP is actually pretty listenable despite it displaying some quite obvious modern Prog Rock tendencies. This however is tempered by a bit of a jazz infusion  – especially so on the second track. 

Opening track is ‘in rainbows.’ (This policy of not using capital letters extends to the song titles also!) Actually, this is my least favourite of the three on offer. It starts out as a bit of a wail from vocalist Sophia. Some off kilter pace is injected at various points, but for me it simply fails to get off the ground throughout its six-minute duration. 

‘shock doctrine,’ on the other hand is far more interesting. It represents something altogether more sinister, both in terms of the title and the ferocity of the sound. Opening and interspersed with some spoken word from an old black and white Fifties newsreel it explores the use of shock treatment as a remedy for mental illness. The image is of cold, damp, dank cells, with unsympathetic, white-coated doctors and nurses carting patients off for doses of their ‘treatment.’ The music is manic, it sparks and fizzes all over the place just like the tools used you imagine used to administer the ‘cure.’ It kind of breaks down into a spazz-jazz freakout midway and is really more worthy of ‘title-track’ billing. 

The final of the three tracks is ‘thank you for being honest.’  Again, it’s full of irregular time signatures, but has a bit of a softer side to it. It’s not a ‘ballad’ by any manner of means, but is certainly a bit more conventional in its composition than the other songs. There is a hook to get hold of and Sophia’s vocals have a bit more substance and uniformity to them than on the opening track. 

Instrumentally, I’d say these guys remind me a little of our own Super Adventure Club, if that’s of any help, since I can’t find any tracks or videos to stream here.

(You can actually hear all three tracks on the band’s Facebook page here. I’d certainly recommend spending five minutes checking out ‘shock doctrine.’) 

(Released on a digital basis through all major stores on 27th June 2011) 

(7.5 / 10) 


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