WE ARE ENFANT TERRIBLE: ‘Explicit Pictures.’

This is an odd wee album from French 8-bit electro-poppers We Are Enfant Terrible. Although, it may just be odd to me because I’m old-fashioned and, as such, still prefer songs written on guitars to those created utilising the Nintendo Gameboy.

Now I absolutely don’t mean that is a putdown. In truth, this is a fascinating album and the range of noise that they have extrapolated from a console best known for Tetris is amazing.

Parts of ‘Lobster Electropop’ are actually quite heavy. For its first 30 seconds or so, ‘A Song To You’ positively bleeds funk.  However, as both these songs continue on, they return to sounding pretty much the same as the rest of the album. Despite sporadic bursts of ideas and range, We Are Enfant Terrible can never seem to capitalise on the potential, and return to what they are comfortable with. 

There are good, catchy tunes on here as well. ‘Flesh and Blood Kids’ is the kind of song you could imagine hearing on a car advert – it is the 8-bit electro-pop tune that Kasabian never wrote.

The unfortunate thing for this album, is that it doesn’t seem to hold up when the listener actually pays attention to it. As music on in the background, it’s actually pretty enjoyable – a decent soundtrack to whatever else you are doing. 

But if you do listen, you’ll notice that all the songs start the same way (one instrument playing a line until everything else joins in): you’ll notice that a number of the songs sound overwhelmingly busy; and you’ll notice that the vocals are pushed back and muffled on every track in the album. 

There are the components of a great album here – you just feel that We Are Enfant Terrible just need to push themselves out with their comfort zones a bit more in order to achieve that greatness. 

(Released through Last Gang Records on 25th April 2011)


Kenneth John Porteous


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