I’ve got to be honest – this single would not normally meet the criteria for posting on this site. However, the fact that it is sung (and I presume also written) by a professional football player makes it different.  That KEVIN RUTKIEWICZ currently plays his football for Dunfermline Athletic FC makes it even more appealing because it presents me with added material to ‘take the proverbial’: as rivals Falkirk Football Club are my ‘second’ Scottish team, I feel almost duty bound to do so!

But I won’t.

Credit where it’s due, even though this song is certainly not my preferred choice of music, there’s no denying that ‘Time On Tick’ is a classy little number which would certainly merit some national radio airplay. This is Kevin’s second single, the first of which (‘Fair Drawin’ In’) saw him feature on Talksport Radio, BBC Radio 5 Live, and Sky Sports’ ‘Football Mundial’ show. He also has one album to his credit.

This particular track is pretty much standard singer /songwriter material with nothing especially ‘different’ about it to make it stand out from the crowd. But that’s where the ‘professional footballer’ twist comes in and gives it an edge. It certainlydisproves the much perceived notion of football players being, lets just say …. well, you know what I mean?!

‘Time On Tick’ is a piano and accoustic led track. Kevin’s voice is soft, ever so slightly ‘hoarse’ in places, mid to high range, but at the same time lovely and mellow. The chorus is subconsciously catchy and you’ll be humming it throughout the day without even noticing. It kind of ‘blossoms’ for the final minute of the four as it reaches a controlled crescendo with layered vocals providing a strong backing, crashing cybals and an overall higher level of intensity.

Nice song – not for me, but worthy of special mention. And it really would be good to see Kevin achieve some success with his and future recordings.

(‘Mon The Bairns!!!)

(Released through GMAC Studios on 6th June 2011)



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