SHE’S HIT / JACOB YATES & THE PEARLY GATE LOCK PICKERS: ‘Shimmer Shimmer’ / ‘Lemonade’ – Split 7″ single.

Following on from their successful association in 2010, two of Glasgow’s most exciting and promising bands have come up with another ‘spilt’ release that should have vinyl collectors scrambling for copies. (It will also be available on a download basis, but releases such as this are best served in the 7” format!) 

SHE’S HIT are a young band who have been crashing their noise around the Glasgow area for a couple of years now, attracting interest and critical acclaim from the likes of ARTROCKER MAGAZINE (of course!) and VIC GALLOWAY (Radio 1) to name just a couple. 

‘Shimmer Shimmer’ is lifted from their forthcoming debut album ‘Pleasure,’ and is an excellent, short, sharp introduction to their brand for anyone yet to experience the nasal drones and wall of guitar noise that is SHE’S HIT. In the words of the band this track is:

‘a sleazy garage song that was great fun to record, especially the backing vocals. Lyrically it’s about stripping away modern etiquette, and stepping out of the shell that everyone seems to hide behind, and become a society that interacts with one another fully.’ 

The video for ‘Shimmer Shimmer’ track follows at the end of this review, so you can perhaps get a feel for what SHE’S HIT are about. (Better though to catch them ‘live’ if at all possible!) 

By way of contrast, JACOB YATES & THE PEARLY GATE LOCK PICKERS are more ‘seasoned’ performers, having risen from the ashes of the now defunct cult Uncle John & Whitelock. 

Musically, you probably couldn’t get further from SHE’S HIT either. ‘Lemonade’ which is taken from their forthcoming debut album, is a unique and exciting mix of Bo Diddley rhythms and rasping vocals in the style of Tom Waits doing his best Captain Beefheart impression. Snippets of slide guitar flit in and out giving a flavour of The Deep South mixed in with the rough-edged Maryhill (Glasgow) accent. There are even a couple of Glam Rock styled ‘Ooh! Aah!’ stomping moments thrown in for good measure. 

The music of JACOB YATES & THE PEARLY GATE LOCK PICKERS has been coined as ‘Doom Wop’ and if you think of the music from the big city dance-halls of the late Fifties being given a bit of a modern (and dark) dust-up, then you’re about there. 

The forthcoming albums from BOTH bands are eagerly awaited. (Reviews will appear on this site shortly.) 

Personally, I can’t get enough of either band! 

(Released through RE:PEATER RECORDS on both a 7” vinyl and download basis on 23rd May 2011) 



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