ASTRAL PLANES call it a day.

Glasgow’s dark-surf quartet ASTRAL PLANES announced last week (some three years to the month since their debut gig) that have decided to call it a day.

Formerly known as PAPER PLANES, the band were like Glasgow’s best kept musical secret, initially keeping their light under a bushel so that they could hone their music and performance without any added pressures.

Their talent was obvious though and having attended their second ever show (the first was an unpublicised affair in front of family and friends) LOUD HORIZON / ARTROCKER felt compelled to let the world know that Glasgow had yet another wonderful band ready to take off. (Pun initially not intended, but what he heck..?!)

Word soon spread and vocalist Jen (who had never sung in public before, despite what she told the others when she ‘auditioned’) quickly  gained in confidence, although she was to later concede that being asked to open for The Pigeon Detectives at Glasgow’s Carling Academy in what was (I think) only PAPER PLANES’ fourth show was a little bit daunting!

Since then, the band were invited to play T in the Park and Rockness Festivals amongst others. They were asked to support the likes of The Horrors and Gang Of Four as their stock rose. They played ‘live’ sessions for Radio 1 and were widely covered inthe national press. Their following gained momentum and they established themselves as arguably one of the hottest bands in the country. Two singles were released along with a six track EP – all to great reviews.

But as happens in the music industry, nothing stays the same for too long and for whatever reason, Frazer, Craig, Chad and Jen have decided that ASTRAL PLANES had run their course. Initially I believe, another project was to rise from the ashes and although a split single will be issued shortly this too has been shelved.

It’s my understanding that the four have parted on good terms and that they remain friends, so in a way it’s all good.

Nobody will ever know just how good or how big ASTRAL PLANES could have become, and that sometimes adds to a band’s mystique. Don’t be surprised to read about them as a ‘cult’ band in the future.  That in itself is a compliment!   

(I have personally lost count of the number of times I saw ASTRAL PLANES – especially in their very early days. They were a most unassuming band – almost like ‘reluctant heroes.’ There will be many disappointed music fans around Glasgow – and indeed further afield – so here’s a couple of examples of what we will all be missing….. and what a lot more have quite obviously missed!)


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