SCHNAPPS: ‘Nasty Buffet.’

Glasgow four piece Schnapps are resurrecting punk with their debut album ‘Nasty Buffet’. Very much inspired by New York’s mid 70’s punk movement blended with a subtle hint of surfer rock. Their sound conjures up visions of smoky, sweaty basement clubs with painted black walls and a pungent smell of sick. That’s probably because it describes the only type of establishment that would deign to accommodate this type of music. Despite the dowdy and drab venues fanatics will still attend in their droves to bask in the atmosphere and power of this art form.

 As you would expect the songs are edgy and pacey with punchy melodies. The lyrics are quirky and somewhat irrelevant  (track two ’Ice Cream’ is dedicated to the wonders of ice cream). The drumming isn’t highly technical and tends to dictate the tempo rather than offer anything exemplary. The songs are generally a bit longer than their contemporaries, the longest coming in just shy of four and a half minutes. There are a few tracks that feel drawn-out, they hang around for a tad longer than they should when less would be more. 

Crossdresser’ is one of the better offerings on the album. It’s frantic and quirky. The bridging riff is on the poppy side and quite catchy. It’s one of the few tracks which fuses a more modern flavour with their vintage sound and minus the vocals could draw parallels with the likes of Morning Runner.

While this may be a good stand-alone album there isn’t much relating it to the current era, there is no progression from the sound of the 70’s. There is also nothing Scottish about it with even the vocals sound slightly Americanised. The album is a tribute to the glory days of punk rock and sets out to recapture the mood of bands such as the Ramones and Voidoids and it does just that. The start of a punk revival? I can’t see it but a decent record all the same. 

(Following in true punk DIY style Nasty Buffet will be self released on singer  Jnr Crawfords own label El Rancho Records on 6 June 2011)


Gary Moyes


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