THE SAVAGE NOMADS: ‘Coloured Clutter.’

 Every now and then, a band comes along whose invention and musical interpretation completely alters the common perceptions of ‘new music.’ 

THE SAVAGE NOMADS are one such band. Championed by the likes of Mick Jones (The Clash) no less, these four teenagers (yeah, they’re that young) have drawn influence from just about every record in their parents’ collection …. or maybe they just not paid a blind bit of notice to any current or past trends and set about crafting their own unique sound.

Perhaps a little of both, then. 

‘Coloured Clutter’ is a wonderfully fresh sounding album, with much of its attraction in its simplicity. Throughout the thirteen tracks, the music is supremely uncluttered and clean sounding with a good deal of emphasis on the drumming. Nothing over-egged, though. Nice and easy, but brought to the fore almost as if in a ‘lead drum’ role. 

Six of the tracks are streamed within this post, so there’s no real point in my trying to describe them, but what I would say is that while THE SAVAGE NOMADS have built ‘Coloured Clutter’ around their own distinctive sound (and overall ‘image’ if you marry the music to the visuals of the following video) they have also already laid foundations for the follow-up. About half way through the album, I found myself wondering how they could expand their ‘trademark’ sound in later releases, but then along comes the more atmospheric and melodic ‘Pineapple’ with its female harmonies reflecting an almost ecclesiastical feel. 

And then of course, the closing track ‘Dickie Greenleaf,’ takes on a more conventional form. After a slow build-up, this track rocks like a proper good ‘un – moody and broody, with slightly distorted vocals.

It’s a great finish to a truly excellent debut album and hints that THE SAVAGE NOMADS are no ‘one trick pony.’ Admittedly, it’s likely to divide opinion – but I’m sure the lads will welcome that as it indicates that people are listening and thinking. 

Me? Right now my opinion is divided – does ‘Coloured Clutter’ merit a ‘nine’ or a ‘ten out ten’ rating?! 

(Released through Alaska Sounds on 6th June 2011) 

(9.5 / 10) 


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3 Responses to THE SAVAGE NOMADS: ‘Coloured Clutter.’

  1. Aron says:

    Great music, can’t wait for the album 🙂

  2. Zatoichi says:

    Great Review for a Great Album

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