DEPORTIVO: ‘Neighbourhood.’

DEPORTIVO are a five-piece from West London who seem to have been garnering a bit of decent feedback from ‘BBC Introducing.’ They have also been playlisted on radio stations in Australia and USA. 

‘Neighbourhood’ is only the second release from the band, so all’s looking good so far, right? Hmmm! I however have some issues – well one big one, really. But we’ll get to that shortly. 

This single comes as a 3-track bundle, with the extra two being re-mixes of the lead. Now, as a straight ‘pop’ song, that initial track is worth a listen and you could certainly see it gaining decent airplay. It has a relaxed, summery feel that momentarily touches on the harmonies of George Harrison (‘Something’) and Herman’s Hermits (‘Something Is Happening.’) Coincidence no doubt, but this serves to illustrate the distinct pop sensibility of the track. 

It’s a mid-tempo song with an understated stomp to the beat that in turn is driven by a thumping piano line, sprinkled with some nice slightly fuzzy guitar. The chorus is catchy and the vocals strong without being over-emphasised.

Yeah – ‘Neighbourhood’ is promising enough. Inoffensive and pleasant, it’s good to hear a modern young band looking to make their way in the ‘pop’ market by actually playing their instruments without relying on gimmicks and effects. 

Right – that’s the good bit!

Now, let’s put aside for a minute my oft preached views on releasing re-mixes as the ‘b-side’ to singles. (I would far prefer to hear what else a band is capable of rather than just regurgitate the lead track and re-package it as a ‘bonus.’) No – let’s just deal with the two remixes of ‘Neighbourhood’ in this ‘bundle.’

Why, lads? Why? It was all going so well!

LOUD HORIZON, I like to think, differs from many other sides in that we don’t like to slag off any submissions just for the sake of it. I’m sure the people who did these re-mixes (Dpplgngrs Remix and Arclite Remix) are well versed in the art. They’ll undoubtedly know more about it all than I do – but the proof is in the pudding as they say, and I just don’t think this particular style of song lends itself to being ‘urbanised’ with the beeps and blips and toy-piano sounds. 

Honestly, they both sound so disjointed – like someone got a re-mix console for Christmas and was hell-bent on using it! In its initial form ‘Neighbourhood’ is a credible, dreamy pop song that will attract I’m sure, support from a large teen (especially female) fan-base. But re-mixing it ion this way is like taking you dirty white laundry and throwing it into the washing machine with you ‘coloureds.’ The result is just a bit of a non-descript mess.

And before I’m accused of being a boring old fart stuck in a different time-zone, I would point you in the direction of DEPORTIVO’s My Space page ( ) where you will see that the number of plays attributed to the original version of the earlier single ‘Girl Next Door’ is more than triple the amount for the two re-mixes. 

I rest my case.

No – if DEPORTIVO stick to what it looks like they do best – writing and playing quality pop tunes, then they’ll do well. (Just think about it, guys!) 

(Released as part of a 3-track digital bundle through Arclite Productions on 10th July 2011) 

For the original version of the song – (8/10) 

For the re-mixes –                                (4/10)


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