PEARLS:’At Home With You’ / BERLIN HEART: ‘Blanket Over Sky’ – Split 7″ single.

 Re:Peater Records may be a new label, but by ‘eck, they’ve got it sussed alright when it comes to building their fledgling roster! Run by Glasgow noisniks SHE’S HIT the quality of bands it promotes should come as no surprise and the two ‘unknowns’ featured on this split 7” certainly fit the bill. 

PEARLS are a three-piece band from Victoria, Australia. They have only been together since the start of 2011 and came to the label’s attention when, completely by chance a friend got talking to them in a Melbourne bar. It seems they have already recorded a batch of great songs and ‘At Home With You’ is the first of two releases planned for this year.

The initial reaction is to draw comparison with the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain., and certainly the reverb drenched guitars and dark-sounding vocals lend themselves very neatly to this. But there is something more to it on the vocal side. Something that is none-the-less still very familiar, but I just can’t put my finger on it. Rather than sound like Jim Reid, the style has bit more of an Eighties Goth edge. Whatever, it’s bloody good. 

Apparently, this particular track represents the band’s more poppier side, although to class it as ‘pop’ in the same way as the current ‘chart’ songs are, would be grossly misleading. Perhaps it’s more melodic and structured than their more regular output – we’ll just have to wait see. 

I can’t track down much more info on PEARLS at the moment, but it all adds to the mystique and somehow their relative anonymity enhances the music. Nice one – looking forward to the follow-up already! 

BERLIN HEART are also a new band, from Glasgow, but have decided for the time being to remain all anonymous and mysterious with no Press details being released. ( I could tell you what I think… but then I’d have to shoot you!)

‘Blanket Over Sky’ is based upon minimal, atmospheric synth; organ and surf-style guitar carried along by a punchy bass-line until the chorus bursts into a short, sharp explosive sound. The whole four and three quarter minutes is altogether dark, brooding and haunting…. and just simply glorious!

Re:Peater Records………………hell yeah!

(Released through Re:Peater Records on 7” vinyl and on download basis from 10th June 2011) 

(10 / 10)


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