INDIA MILL:’Morning Song.’

 India Mill launch themselves out of Lancashire with debut single ‘Morning Song‘. With a name inspired by a local cotton mill in their hometown of Darwen (Yes I did my research) they offer up a sound that can be likened to early Foo Fighters with a slightly funkier edge. 

‘Morning Song’ is a slow paced and melodic track, quiet through the verses contrasted by powerful choruses. The lead guitar is raw and meaty with the more funky rhythm guitar supporting. The quality of the vocals is impressive, lead singer Alistair Smith is without doubt a talented singer in his own right and the power he injects especially in the chorus really enhances their sound and characterises the band. 

Admittedly it did take me a few listens to get in to this track, not something a lot of music fans will indulge nowadays. It does lack the excitement factor, which is perhaps in part due to its leisurely tempo. I just can’t see this making anyone’s playlist of favourite songs. 

The single is accompanied by two B-sides; ‘It Don’t Please Me’ and ‘Green Lane‘. The former is similar in style to the single, in a number of ways its better than its predecessor but it does falls short in others. It has a slightly faster tempo, the drumming is a bit more inventive and the guitar has a bit more freedom. The main riff however is a bit monotonous and would benefit from a bit more variance. 

‘Green Lane’ is in the same ilk as the previous two tracks but slightly heavier. The vocals on this track are frustrating, I really don’t ’get’ the half talking/singing style that’s is adopted during the verses. In contrast the vocals on the chorus are brilliant: brash, powerful and full of emotion, only just restraining from a full on scream. 

As a debut single it is decent but not quite solid enough to make real headway in establishing themselves on the scene. There is definitely a lot of potential on offer and India Mill have enough positive attributes that there is no reason why they cant move forward from here. 

(Released on 16th May through The Animal Farm) 


Gary Moyes



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