SHE’S HIT: ‘Pleasure.’

Now I understand why my copy of the debut album from Glasgow’s SHE’S HIT came wrapped in sealed cellophane – it’s to ensure none of the inherent ‘cool’ slips out! This long-player, and the band itself for that matter, is positively dripping with the stuff! 

Having already attracted the accolade of ‘Single Of The Month’ for ‘Shimmer Shimmer’ as well as the album achieving a five-star rating from such luminary magazine as ARTROCKER (of course!) there’s probably not much more to add. But I’ll try. 

What we have here is a young band who wear their influences on their sleeve, and proudly so. There is no overblown attempt to disguise this fact, but where SHE’S HIT score is in their ability to mix things up a little. They don’t sound just like The Jesus and Mary Chain; or The Fall; or Suicide; or Birthday Party; Wedding Present or The Cramps. They sound like all of them. At the same time!  

And interestingly, if a little perversely though not entirely surprisingly for the West of Scotland, there appear little droplets of Country & Western influence seeping into the fabric. For instance, ‘Part One’ has that dark guitar twang that would herald the black-clad Johnny Cash slowly riding into a deserted Wild West town. Similarly, the excellent slow-burning album closer ‘Forfeit To Despair’ is missing only the jangle of spurs on the wooden barroom floor. 

In fact, this track in particular shows the versatility of SHE’S HIT. Slowing it all down, but retaining the reverb and Div Wilson’s droned vocals, they draft in the added ‘cool’ of Jen Paley, formerly of the now-defunct Astral Planes, to share the singing duties. It’s a match made in ‘music heaven’ the two of them sounding so disinterested and depressed that you just have to listen to ensure their well-being. 

Elsewhere, SHE’S HIT show that even at this early stage of their musical development they are not afraid to experiment. Take ‘Lustless’ for example – another on which Jen lends her sensual tones. (It was in fact written collaboratively between the band and Jen.) The wall of guitar noise is kept towards the background as the slow, deliberate and deep drumbeat twins with a simple but haunting piano line. And then, quite unexpectedly there is the wail of bagpipes! Or so it sounds, at least. Well – if it’s good enough for AC/DC……?! 

Debut single ‘Re:Peater’ (which lends its name to the band’s own label, on which this album is released) is included, as is the current ‘Shimmer Shimmer.’ Then there is the quite brilliant ‘Miriam Hollow’ – a track that opens almost in homage to Joy Division and leaves a bass-scarred furrow across your brain. 

As an added bonus, the album comes replete with an additional disc containing re-mixes of all nine tracks. And as most sound SO different to the original, it really is a bonus. 

LOUD HORIZON / ARTROCKER were first to write about these guys some 16 months back – it’s truly exciting to see them flourish and start to fulfil their obvious potential. 

SHE’S HIT are so cool they’re SHIT HOT!

(Released through Re:Peater Records on 6th June 2011) 



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