THE CUTE LEPERS: ‘Adventure Time.’

Hell Yeah! This’ll do me! 

Straight up, no frills, old-school melodic punk. It’s not angry, snarling punk; it’s not hardcore punk; it’s not even that wailing ‘emo’ excuse-for-punk that’s pushed down the radio frequencies these days. This is the type of music that requires very little effort to listen to – and very possibly even less to play (hark at him who can’t play a note on any instrument!) 

But what the hell – it’s time to bust out the beers and pogo! 

‘Adventure Time,’ certainly has more in common with the American interpretation of early punk than the UK. Other exponents of similar style would be likes of The Lillingtons / Teenage Bottlerocket; The Apers; Teen Idols and even The Groove Ghoulies. What they all have in common is a knack of knocking out sub three-minute, fast-paced songs of the three-chord variety, that comprise verse, chorus, verse, chorus, chunky guitar riffs breaking into a short solo and rousing chorus. 

Absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, maybe some of the more pretentious bands around today should re-visit the old, proven formula. 

Twelve songs in thirty-three minutes holds firm with the original punk ethos but there are a couple of diversions from the accepted ‘norm.’ For example, the use of horns in two particular tracks throws a different light on the presentation. Like on opening track ‘Tribute To Charlie’ the resultant sound is possibly more akin to a Rock Musical – like something from ‘Rocky Horror Show’ although at the same time there are shades of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones poking through. 

But the beefy horns of the title track and album closer, come across a little more like from the school of Less Than Jake – minus the ska beat, of course. (There’s also a good deal of piano playing going on which slightly confuses me!) Elsewhere, the boy / girl dual vocals and harmonies occasionally reflect more of a Fifties Rock ‘n’ Roll feel – but always with that basic punk underbelly. 

Granted, it’s not exactly rocket science (there’s a brilliant compilation album out there called ‘3Chord Rocket Science’) and there’s not much to distinguish THE CUTE LEPERS from many other American bands of this ilk, but it IS guaranteed to raise a smile, move your feet and incite your clenched fists to punch the air! 

Accept it for what it is! 

(Released through Damaged Goods Records on 6th June 2011)

(8.5 / 10)


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