This one’s interesting. The first release from The Tape Singles club, it is a split single from two Edinburgh bands. 

Tape is a boutique recording studio in Edinburgh and the singles club is designed to be a showcase for the artists that Tape particularly want to promote. 

The two bands here are Dead Boy Robotics (“Ever”) and The Machine Room (“Girly”). 

Dead Boy Robotics already have an EP, “Tale of the Winter Kids” out and will be releasing their debut album, from which “Ever” comes, later in the year. 

“Girly” is the debut release from The Machine Room, with an EP to follow in the next few months. 

While this is a great idea and a great way to showcase new music, the major issue here is that both bands sound very, very similar. In fact, had I played the CD without looking at any of the packaging or the press release, I doubt I’d have been able to tell that I was listening to two different bands. 

Both tracks are very synthy, as this seems to be the avant-garde thing at the minute for some reason. 

Of the two I much prefer the Dead Boy Robotics effort – it is much more polished and there is a pleasantness to it. It’s catchy and there is a “bounce” running through it. 

“Girly”, on the otherhand – it feels like it’s trying too hard almost. Musically, it’s really busy – there is more going on than necessarily needs to be and it makes it difficult to listen to. 

The Tape Singles Club is a decent idea, but for future releases hopefully they will be able to combine artists who compliment each other without stepping over one another. 


(Released through Tape Singles Club on 23rd May 2011) 

Kenneth John Porteous

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