INCA GOLD: ‘Inca Gold II’ EP

‘Inca Gold II’ is unsurprisingly the follow-up to ‘Inca Gold I’ the band’s initial release earlier in 2011. A third EP – presumably ‘Inca Gold III’ will follow before the year ends. There was a fair bit of positive reaction to the debut and I can see more following with ‘II.’ 

And although this is perhaps not really the type of music I would personally buy into, opening track ‘Into Hiding,’ will however find its way onto my I-Pod. Somewhat contradicting the title, it creates the impression of wide-open expanses with haunting and gently swirling synths and reverb soaked vocals that seem to echo the native chanting of some indigenous Indian culture. The rolling but slightly off-kilter drums enhance that mood. There’s a delightful psychedelic ‘drone’ to the whole proceedings and I can only guess that this is what The Stone Roses may have sounded like had they chilled on their more confrontational presentations and spent some time in Goa back in the mid-Seventies. 

Second track, ‘League’ though is, I’m afraid a bit out of mine. The dreamy synths are still prevalent, but the vocals this time are a bit more celestial in tone and while the overall atmosphere rises and falls in waves of cinematic soundscapes, it kind of leaves me a little seasick.

‘Dark Moves,’ starts out really quietly and slowly, but picks up after a minute or so and although it does revert to a more subdued mood towards the end, the middle section has more of an uptempo beat and pleasing, jangly guitars with slight feedback laying over the top of the synths. More of this would be better. 

Final track ‘Gone Fishing,’ would probably not quite fit the description ‘ambient’ but the opening two and a half minutes would sit somewhere close, while the final minute’s flourish would see it graduate to more of a ‘shoegaze’ feel with the guitar noise and feedback finally injecting some excitement. 

As you can probably tell, this is not really for me. But don’t let that put you off – have a listen and judge for yourself. 

(Released through Color + Vision Records’ on 13th June 2011) 

(7 / 10) 


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