Reclaimed from a graveyard of vinyl, “The Talking Book” is a collection of oxidized aural snapshots buried between the gloom and the gorgeous. Formed by Bill Gould, best known as a founding member of the group Faith No More, and conceptual sound artist Jared Blum, best known for his abstract pop under the moniker “Blanketship”, “The Talking Book” is the first installment in a series of like-minded recordings on Gould’s Koolarrow record label. Fans of Mike Patton, Coil, and Throbbing Gristle take note!

LOUD HORIZON reviewed this album a couple of months ago (here.) Since then I have played the album through many more times, mainly whist writing up pieces to the blog, and it gets better with each listen! Here’s what the Press blurb had to say:

”The Talking Book’ is a record of visuals. The exploration of both structured musics and non harmonic sound allows the music to be informed and diverse. Deep and sullen Piano notes tinkle while warbled guitar tapes appear in the cracks. Lush drones collect and fold onto each other into a haze of harmony as deep bass pulses drive through the heart of it all. Melodies and blissful awakenings appear in the form of acoustic guitar, organ and voice.’

I’m not gonna kid you – this isn’t for everyone, but why not take advantage of the free offer and download the two tracks that have been made available from the album? Try to be patient!


Here you go:

‘Open Your Eyes.’

‘The Morass.’


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