FROM ELEANOR: ‘Seconds To Minutes.’

A belated but very much worthwhile review of From Eleanor’s debut EP ‘Seconds to Minutes‘. This one slipped even under our radar when it was released at the tail end of last year. Despite being a few months old now there is no doubt this hasn’t been a waste of my time.  

‘Seconds to Minutes’ is the debut EP from Manchester five piece From Eleanor. At its core it’s hearty and melodic Post Hardcore sustenance which is both enjoyable and technically astute. It exploits the trademark attributes of the genre with shifting tempos, crisp guitar and powerful clean vocals. It is set apart from its contemporaries by both the quality and delivery of the vocals. Lead singer Alastair Carrington covers a broad range from gritty indie styling to belting screamo. The delivery is dynamic with conflicting backing vocals sung concurrently through the verses, sparring against the lead. 

This isn’t music your Nan is going to like and it might not be clique enough for some of the more partisan sub genre extremists but its somewhere in the middle ticking a lot of boxes. Its of the same ilk as The Xcerts or Penguins Kill Polar Bears which there is a lot of demand for right now. 

The production on this EP leaves a lot to be desired and despite their quality the vocals seem drowned out in places. This does give it a sort of raw charm and I for one have been known to complain about over production of songs that I have previously loved in their demo mode. 

If pressed I would probably opt for ‘What You Want’ as my favourite track. It starts off with a quaint, controlled vocal intro, military-esque drumming builds the intensity before bursting into riotous rock. The vocals are passionate and delivered with control hitting every note. 

‘Seconds to Minute’s is a well rounded alternative rock EP. It’s easily accessible and manages to cross the baggy/ skinny jean divide. There is a certain charm about From Eleanor but at the same time there is a subtle dark side on the periphery. Hopefully there is more to come. 

(Available now on I Tunes and Big Cartel) 


Gary Moyes


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