DIE PRETTY: ‘Battle Over Brooklyn’ EP

I’ve got to be honest – I know very little about DIE PRETTY, other than that they are Brooklyn based and currently slogging it out on the New York gig circuit. Lead vocalist / bass player and like it or not, the band’s focul point, Sarah Orlof is the sister of guitarist vocalist Skip.  

Their music is evidently punk orientated, and according to their website some have likened them to Green Day, Pennywise and Social Distortion! (It’s funny how people view things. These particular bands would certainly not have sprung to mind had I been asked to make any comparisons. Still, that’s the beauty of music … and reviewing it!)

‘Battle Over Brooklyn’ consists of three tracks with he ‘main’ one presumably being ‘Voices’ since a video has been produced to accompany it – see below. Personally, I wouldn’t say that this is the strongest of the tracks, but never-the-less it chugs along nicely with Sarah’s vocal delivery ramaining more melodic than convention would have you expect for a ‘punk,’ frontwoman.

And maybe this is where DIE PRETTY score as they seem to have successfully merged the pop-punk  melodies with an emotive rock edge. My only contention with this track is that without the video, I just wonder how long it would remain in the mind of the listener?

‘Let Me Out!’ has more of a rawness about it. It rawks! Chunky, growling guitar riffs bolster the sound and are offset by Sarah’s soft and yet still so powerful vocals. Altogether, this one has more balls than the first. It also features an excellent little guitar solo towards two thirds way through. And I can hear myself humming this one long after the end!

Initially, ‘7th Avenue’ was my favourite. It probably still is. I think it suits Sarah’s voice best. There’s almost a tinge of Country coming through in places (those people who compare DIE PRETTY to Pennywise will be going.. “what’s he on about…??!”) and

So yeah – the three tracks that feature on the ‘Battle Over Brooklyn’ EP veer more towards the pop-punk end of the scale which means that there’s shit-loads of it out there, and to stand out from the crowd is going to take something extra special …. or some kind of well-oiled hype machine.

Unfortunately, I don’t see either evident here. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong about this EP. It’s very enjoyable in its own way. All the songs have plenty bounce  and ‘live’ I would imagine DIE PRETTY to be a great gig. There’s plenty here to encourage crowd-surfing and air-punching – but Pennywise and Social Distortion? Hmmmm! Afraid not.

(Self released and available through the band at www.dieprettymusic.com )

(7.5 / 10)


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