THE RUDIMENTS: ‘Doctor Bone’s Fried Medicine.’

It would be uncharitable to compare THE RUDIMENTS with another band from the same city (and a current one at that) but there’s no escaping the similarity in sound, at least in my little head, to that of Glasgow band, Kassidy. 

But while it would be unfair to draw comparison, the recent successes of the latter show that there is a most definitely a large and welcoming market out there for THE RUDIMENTS to target.

This short (seven tracks, twenty-two minutes) album explores the sounds of the Sixties and Seventies Americana type bands, with lush warm harmonies and bluesy intonations, but with enough bounce and ‘lazy’ fervour to keep your feet tapping throughout. 

Opener, ‘For The Simpler Times’ like most of the tracks has a stripped back sound – mainly acoustic based, with a bouncing bass line and hooky chorus. ‘Cardamom’ runs with a bit of a dark rumble throughout, but lightened by what makes me think of George Harrison sounding guitar whines. ‘On Yer Own’ has a dark Country feel to it and again features some lovely harmonies. 

But it’s with ‘Start To Roll’ that the album really comes to life for me. Probably because it reminds me so strongly in parts of ‘Race The Breeze’ by Rory Gallagher from his ‘Blueprint’ album! You can just envisage he old steam train shunting along the open-plain railroads of The States! 

‘Whisky From A Bowl,’ has a shuffling Country refrain, while ‘Tetley Tea (Set You Free) mixes that Country feel with a touch of Blues and slide guitar. ‘The Last Hero Of Switzerland’ closes the album in a bit of a melancholy mood, again featuring some soft vocals, excellent harmonised backing and little bluesy twangs throughout. 

‘Doctor Bone’s Fried Medicine’ is not the kind of album likely to leap out the speakers and smack you in the puss with a wet mackerel. It will instead play you around a little, hook you and then gradually reel you in.

(Released on a download basis through all major sites on 27th June 2011) 



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