FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND: ‘Broken Foundation.’

Despite being just as good as they were when they blasted onto the scene in 2003 with debut album ‘Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation’, Funeral For A Friend have suffered a bit of a downturn in recent years. 

Discovering the hard way that a fickle teenage audience isn’t likely to buy into a concept album unless they have it spoon-fed to them, the band have been on a bit of a slide since the release of Tales Don’t Tell Themselves and had been hoping to blast themselves back into relevance with this year’s ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’. 

Whether they have achieved this remains to be seen, but latest single ‘Broken Foundation’ is a step in the right direction. 

The band describe it as the heaviest thing they have ever done and it’s hard to argue – some of the riffs in here are downright beastly. 

But mixed amongst that is the kind of songwriting that made early tracks like ‘Juneau’ and ‘Escape Artists Never Die’ really stand out. 

The biggest myth about Funeral For A Friend is that they lost it – they didn’t, the audience just got distracted by something shinier. But continue to glow like this, Funeral won’t have that problem much longer. 

(Released through Distiller Records on 13th June 2011)


Kenneth John Porteous

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