HUNGRY GHOSTS: ‘By The Bridge.’

 ‘By the Bridge’ is the latest single from York based Hungry Ghosts. I  highlight that they hail from York as there are about a half dozen bands from around the world performing under the same alias. This new material drops just in time for festival season which given its content will do their exposure opportunities no harm. 

‘By the Bridge’ is a more edgy take on the Indie pop rock scene moving away from the more orthodox structure and throwing in heavier instrumental movements. The track is easily palatable, the vocals are easy to digest and recite. The tempo is bouncy and is ideal for crowd pogoing. It strays into more alternative territory near the end with a 60 second quirky instrumental barrage which would be more at home in a Coheed and Cambria track but it works well. There is a subtle new wave undertone throughout, more apparent in the outro and much more evident in the B-sides. 

‘Cinema Boy’ and ‘Nightlight’ offer a bit of variance on the single, they have an altogether more retro feel not to dissimilar to The Smiths mixed with a bit of INXS. They don’t have the same poppy charm as the title track, they are enjoyable in their own right but they aren’t any better than b-sides. 

With Hungry Ghosts you can enjoy a mainstream sound with a sense of sincerity and ‘By The Bridge’ will be a good addition to their catalogue. 

(Released on June 30 through The Animal Farm) 


Gary Moyes


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