This is the third album by THE LANCASHIRE HOTPOTS that I’ve reviewed on Loud Horizon in its various formats over the past few years. And I do believe they’re just getting better and better!

Now, if you’ve never heard of or listened to THE LANCASHIRE HOTPOTS before, then check out this video for a track that I believe was released as a single and not included on any album. It will give you a flavour of what these guys are all about. And if it don’t make yer larff, then you may as well click off reet now!

‘Achtung Gravy,’ is an absolutely brilliant illustration of observational humour with the added talent of being able to set some of the sons to the tunes of popular and contemporary hits – or vaguely so at least.

For instance, lead track ‘Mek Us A Brew,’ is a kind of rant against your generic fancy-dan coffee shops and set to the shuffling rhythm of Jet’s ‘ Are You Gonna Be My Girl?’ It may not be my personal favourite track on the album, but I love the sentiment and the video is pretty clever …. and brings back some memories of at time when TV advertising was so innocent!

There are thirteen tracks on this album, addressing such varied subjects as men being dragged round the shops by their partners (set to a sort of Dylanesque backing); OCD; working on the fly and even cottaging! Yup! Who’d have thought it?! 

(The album title is obviously inspired by U2’s ‘Achtung Baby’ which as it turns out is quite appropriate seeing as how The Lancashire will be going head to head with the Irish rockers at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, where The Hotppots will headline the Croissant Neuf stage at the same time as Bono and his mates will be doing likewise on the Pyramid stage. If you’re heading to the Festival, take a quick look at the short video at the end of this review before deciding which stage to haul your ass to on Friday night!) 

Of course all the humour has a Northern bias, but with Peter Kay and Paddy McGuinness making the dialect and accent somewhat en vogue, it really has more of a universal appeal than the band’s name may initially suggest.

The Barron Knights they are not. The Grumbleweeds they are not. They are The Lancashire Hotpots! Seemingly Britain’s best-kept comedy secret. 

Go on – give ‘em a try…. you’ll not be sorry. 

(Released through Townsend Records on 27th June 2011) 



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