‘Anti Gravity’ is the tenth studio album by The Blue Aeroplanes. This band are older than I am, which in today’s market is both rare and impressive. The fact they are still writing and recording music after 26 years kind of justifies their being without my input. 

For anyone like me who is new to The Blue Aeroplanes the first thing to note is that the vocals are spoken instead of sung, this takes a little getting used too. The sound is folky and vintage with an apt use of various instruments and sound effects throughout. Its easy listening, chilled out and doesn’t take much exertion to entertain. 

‘25 Kinds of Love’ is probably the best song on the album. It’s a lot chirpier than the others and offers a repeatable and catchy chorus that is reminiscent of the Buzzcocks. The intro is quirky comprising sound bites of different people counting to twenty five with the main body of the song aimed at listing out these different kinds of love. It’s simple but effective. 

What I can’t get out of my head is how much it reminds me of Flight Of The Conchords. Even the lead vocals  have a striking resemblance to those of Conchordian Jemaine Clement. I find myself listening intently for jokes or double entendre and either finding them where there are none or feeling  disappointed at the lack of.

For me it’s an album which will extends their career and prolong a genre that is fast dying and long since stopped attracting new fans. While it is a decent enough listen I just feels like I’m listening to my dad’s music. 

‘Anti Gravity’ isn’t an album that panders to pop culture or aims to emulate them. I can’t see it having mass appeal but it is admirable for its sincerity and it is enjoyable in the right surroundings. 

(Released on June 21 through Art Star/ Albino Two)


Gary Moyes


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