STRAWHOUSES: ‘These Are Willing.’

 Through the course of writing this blog, I’ve been lucky enough to review some fantastic bands and albums. So many of them have become personal favourites for various reasons, but of all the music that has passed across my desk, there are only two bands whose individual brand of music has struck me as ‘intelligent indie’ – Theatre Royal and The Savage Nomads. 

Well – now make that three! This debut album from Liverpool based four-piece STRAWHOUSES can be added to that rather exclusive list. 

By ‘intelligent indie’ I really just mean a style that doesn’t really conform to popular and current trends. It’s music that is in itself confident and substantial enough in its own right to stand up (and out) on its own. 

And because STRAWHOUSES don’t necessarily follow convention, each of the songs has something different to offer. All the songs are catchy in their own little way, but (and I don’t mean this in a bad way) the ‘hook’ is not exactly ‘in your face’ material, the consequence being that you may struggle to remember individual tracks, and yet you are still left with that feeling of satisfaction that you’ve really enjoyed the preceding three minutes or so. Of course, the beauty of this cunning plan from STRAWHOUSES is that every time you listen to the album you hear something you perhaps missed previously. Each track remains fresh, in essence. 

As such, it’s pretty difficult for me to impress just how good this album is through mere words alone. I can’t use any of my bog-standard reference points and clichés for a start! And so for that reason, I’ve posted a stream of the album in its entirety together with the video for one of the tracks, ‘Train Wreck.’ 

I unequivocally recommend giving this at least a few minutes of your time – maybe even the full forty-three minute duration! 

(Self released on 4th July 2011 as a physical order only – available from the band’s website at )




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