I’ve not heard too much in the way of hype for this band, but f***k me! – On the strength of this single alone, there should be some radio station and record label bigwigs wetting themselves right now.

Yeah – the West London five-piece have still to show what else they have in the locker, but this is most definitely ultra promising. Even just listening to this one track, you get the impression there is something pretty ‘cool’ (sorry, I can’t think of a better word) about BORN BLONDE. There would seem to be an atmosphere of ‘purpose’ about them, mixed with a bit of an understated swagger.

The band have been together for a couple of years now, honing their swirling psychedelic sound that (in this case at least) gives a modern take on the late-Eighties adaptation of the immensely popular Sixties counter culture!

I mentioned in an earlier posting that ‘Solar’ was like a more trippy Stone Roses / Happy Mondays freak out. However, if any comparisons need be made (and they don’t as it happens, because this track is strong enough to stand without any added support) then the Manc lads should perhaps be substituted by the London boys that were Flowered Up.

There is that shuffling, almost laid-back, dreamy beat mingling with what sounds like (but isn’t) a sample from the Mike Oldfield opus, ‘Tubular Bells.’ The key changes are smooth and effective and add to that overall celestial and almost hallucinogenic feel.

The ‘b-side’ is a Hologram re-mix of ‘Solar.’ And you all know my feelings on remixes being used on the ‘single’ format! However, because the main track is so damn good and truth be told, the remix is considerably different to the original, BORN BLONDE are forgiven! This time!

(Released through Moriarty The Cat Record – Limited Edition 7” vinyl, and as a free download from   on 11th July 2011)

(9.5 / 10)


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